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Bathroom Extras???

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Space in your bathroom can be a major source of frustration. Who doesn't like to buy three, get three free from Bath and Body Works? You get a great deal but then have to store all of those great lotions and body washes you purchased.

I have never once heard someone complain they have too much storage space, especially in a bathroom, closet, or kitchen. You magically find a way to fill the shelves.

It is important your organizational process fits you and is easy to maintain. Keep the items you use each and every day at arms length: lotions, moisturizer, hair brush, hair product, makeup, etc. You want to be able to see, grab, and put back.

If you are a Costco shopper, or are just afraid of running out of toothpaste on a random Wednesday night, you have a surplus of products. Keep those towards the back of your cabinets, but where you can easily see them. Then, you can access your toothpaste and know to add it to your shopping list to replenish your surplus.

Do you like to stockpile those super-cute freebie makeup bags from bonus time at Clinique or Ulta? You want to keep those items and freebies, but don't have anywhere to stash them? Consider using a bin to store these items. The bin will allow for your freebies to not take over your entire storage area, but are still within reach. Once you are ready for the new eye shadow palette or to use that glittery makeup bag you can find it easily. You can toss the old bag, grab the fun new one, and then make room for your next freebie!

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