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I Don't Want You To Donate EVERYTHING

A major part of the organizational process is purging, editing, or whatever term you’d like to call cleaning things out. If you truly want to organize a space, nine times out of ten, items will need to be cleaned out. That does not mean you have to throw everything out or donate all those items to your local Salvation Army. However, I do need to work with the client to see what they truly use. For instance, if working on a kitchen, small single-use appliances can take up a good amount of space. Do you truly need a rice cooker and slow cooker if you have an instant pot? The instant pot has both a rice cooking and slow cooker function. Donating those two items can clear valuable cabinet or pantry space. If you haven’t used that fancy French-press coffee maker in three years, let it go! Make room for the coffee accessories you do need and use.

If going through your closet and you have a sweater towards the back with the tags still on, is it necessary to keep? Odds are, the client forgot it was there, the sweater didn’t fit right, etc. This clears space for the items that you do use. Clients don’t need to throw everything out, but be honest about what items are actually used on a regular basis. Shoes in a closet can be another space stealer. Pre-pandemic, did you go into the office each day? Maybe now you work remotely or go into work only a couple of times per week. Do you need five pairs of black heels? Choose a couple of pairs to keep and donate to a local women’s shelter. I have found clients are more likely to part with the “maybe someday” items if they are going towards a good cause. Perhaps they don’t want to give to Goodwill, because the organization turns around and sells the items for a profit. However, the same client loves the idea of helping fellow women get back on their feet and donates to a local church or shelter.

If you decide to hire an organizer, they do not want you to throw out all of your belongings and memories. However, we do want you to be honest with yourself: are you using all of your stuff? Whatever you aren’t using, donate if possible and throw out what you can’t. It will make it so much easier to organize what is vital to your everyday life.

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