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Closet Space, Anyone?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Keeping a closet neat can be tricky. It gets even trickier if the owner of said closet does not have the right process in place that enables them to keep their clothing (or whatever else might be in there) organized. Men's closets can sometimes present a host of challenges.

First, men's clothing is bigger and takes up more space! When space is limited, it is important to keep the most used items easily accessible. Also, consider the season. What frequently is used in the summer time such as shorts and t-shirts, might not be what you are reaching for in December. Maybe you get home from work and want to pull on your favorite pajama pants. Keep those handy so they are easily grabbed and digging through drawers is unnecessary.

Maybe the man in your life has a t-shirt collection to rival the stars and doesn't want to part with any of his treasures. Consider keeping all those sentimental items up on the top shelf so they aren't taking up valuable space elsewhere. Bins are an excellent alternative to storing these items. They keep the closet tidy. Also, if a bin remains untouched after a long period of time, the t-shirt collector may be more apt to part ways with a few items.

Custom closet solutions (such as the Elfa closet in this post) can really go a long way in ensuring space is used efficiently. Areas of the closet can be set up to make sure shoes, button down shirts, and team jerseys have a spot. Drawers can be a great place to store items like underwear, shorts, and socks because they can be easily placed on top of one another.

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