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I Don't Care About Your Mess

Sometimes when I am speaking to a friend, colleague, or family member about my organizing business, they comment, “You would die if you saw my…”. The secret is this: I don’t care about your mess. Your mess or lack of organization, or being short on time, or however you’d like to classify it doesn't bother me in the least. We all have our strengths and there are only so many hours in the day to get everything done. Do not let your embarrassment stop you from reaching out for help with organization.

Your “mess” is what keeps me in business. Your mess is not a mess to me. It’s a puzzle to be solved, pieces to put together and a solution to be found to make your life easier, and hopefully, more organized. There is zero judgment on my end. As stated previously, everyone has their strengths. While I might be able to organize your closet or pantry like the back of my hand, I am directionally challenged. I cannot navigate around the city of Houston to save my life. There has never been a person happier to utilize Google Maps. I am not embarrassed about my lack of navigation skills. Nor should you care about the state of your closet if you wish to have outside help getting it organized and into tip-top shape.

Remember, organization is a process. Do not be self-conscious about reaching out for help with organizing solutions. Your mess is my ultimate puzzle to solve.

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