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Can you find your snacks?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

You know the feeling: you get home from work, running errands, or school and have one thing on your mind: food! You know you want that chocolate chip Kind bar, but where did it go? You are certain you bought a new pack at the store over the weekend.

An organized pantry can keep both your stomach and sanity in check. You can set up areas in your pantry specifically designed for those gotta-have-it snacks, sweets, or baking supplies.

Clear or see-through bins or canisters and keep everything in your line of vision and enable you to see when you are running low on items.

Are you a Costco shopper? Use the top shelf or shelves to store that extra surplus and make them easily accessible when it's time to refill.

As an organizer, my goal is to make your space work for you. One person's process will look totally different based on your and your family's needs. But one thing is certain: you WILL be able to find that tasty Kind bar!

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