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Bathroom Bonanza

Click above to see the before and after of this bathroom countertop!

Sometimes if an area of your home is causing you great anxiety, you have to totally rethink how the space is organized. It requires the organizer to work very closely with the client to understand what they want and need out of their space, in this case, the bathroom. My clients wanted to be able to prepare for their day with ease. Grab the products and tools needed to get ready and get on with their day. Unfortunately, this led to a great deal of clutter on the bathroom counter. It was necessary to reimagine their entire bathroom storage system: counter, underneath the sink, etc.

Click to see the before and after!

This project required a great deal of editing/purging/clean out before proper products that add to functionality were able to be utilized. Those pesky pipes under the sink make it a bit tricky!

Remember that cluttered countertop? Well, we took the everyday items from the counter and placed them into this shoe organizer that fits on just about any door. My client can quickly get through their morning routine and put items back in place, leaving the counter clean.

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